I found Gary's communication style and techniques very helpful in facing my challenges. The materials and subsequent tools provided a valuable road map for navigating the ever­changing and challenging aspect of self discovery, healing and growth. I found it very worthwhile and rewarding to work with Gary. Thank you, Gary.

A. J., St. Michael, MN

Gary has given us practical and tangible tools to help us communicate and work through troubled areas and confusing situations in our marriage. He listened with patience and approached directly what needed to be addressed with gentleness. The comfortable atmosphere of compassion and empathy allowed room for tears as well as laughter. And, at our request, faith was present throughout our counseling, but not pushed.

G. S., Maple Grove, MN

Under care of Joy Hanson one will find: Peaceful non­judgmental guidance. Enlightening awareness to new ways to look at situations. Solution, resolution based therapy. Prayerful, thoughtful discernment and wisdom. Medical knowledge and training in conjunction with psychological services. Faith based services. A joy to look forward to sessions and finding ones own peace and freedom from unnecessary burdens.

P. S., Brooklyn Park, MN

Counseling with Gary really helped my husband and I see that we are different people with different personalities. In the middle of a disagreement we now have the ability to step back and remember that we may be looking at the situation very differently based on our personality traits. In the beginning of any relationship it's not "work" to keep the relationship going well, it actually comes quite naturally. You do everything in your being to make this other person happy and strengthen the relationship. Gary showed us tools that enabled us to bring back the things we have slowly forgotten over time.

T. B., Maple Grove, MN

Joy Hanson created a welcoming and nonjudgmental environment to share details about our marriage. We were simply coexisting, but after our sessions with Joy we are best friends again. We'd highly recommend anyone that is having a difficult time in their marriage to contact Joy. Her suggestions saved our family!

A. B., New Hope, MN

I met Gary during a time of great despair as my marriage had fallen apart and was headed for divorce. As I worked with Gary on my own personal life, my husband eventually joined me and we began the road to restoration together. We both are so thankful that God used Gary in our lives to compassionately reveal truth, teach us how to communicate, and give us useful 'tools' to work together through our personal strongholds. Gary provides a safe place in which we both feel heard and are comfortable being real and honest, and now, we turn our visits into 'date night'!

K. G., Coon Rapids, MN

I met with Joy on two different occasions in the past to help me find ways to make my marriage healthier and my life more balanced. She was an attentive listener, asked thoughtful questions that helped uncover areas where more attention was necessary, and provided me with useful resources (books, professional articles and questionnaires) to guide me through this learning and strengthening process. On both occasions, Joy knew when I had learned what I could from her and at that time, we agreed that additional sessions were no longer necessary. She was always open to reengaging whenever I felt the need in the future. I would highly recommend Joy's counseling services to friends and family.

C. K., Plymouth, MN

Working with Gary has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. He has a welcoming, supportive and non­judgmental style, and his insights help me think through things and come to my own conclusions. I also appreciate his emphasis on outcomes. The work I’ve done with him has resulted in some wonderful personal and professional developments in my life.

T. M., Brooklyn Park, MN

I came to see Gary at Hanson Associates LLC during a sad and uncertain time in my life. Gary's approach was and continues to be very collaborative, non­threatening, honest and encouraging. The counseling I have experienced over the past 3+ years has blessed me with more wisdom, self­awareness and courage than I could have ever hoped for. Words can't begin to express the gratitude I have for Gary and the counseling he provided. I have recommended Gary to several friends and I know their experience has been as powerful as mine. Thank you, Gary!

G. G., Eden Prairie, MN

Counseling with Gary Hanson was very literally a life changing experience. Gary served as a sounding board and graciously invited me into a process of expanding my perspective of my issues. Counseling provided affirmation that the challenges I was experiencing were difficult and should not be minimized by me or anyone else. Also, Gary provided tools that helped me outside of counseling sessions. Most of all, Gary was discerning and adept with the use of spiritual materials, so the integration of counseling and faith, which I requested, was seamless and provided hope. Gary was truly a conduit for God’s healing. I’ve referred multiple people to Hanson Associates and they too have been blessed by counseling with Gary and Joy.

N. B., Shorewood, MN

I would highly recommend working with Joy on any issue in your life. She uses results based therapy where you get to choose where you would like be or how you would like to change at the end of your time in counseling. Then Joy helps you get there. You can ask for things to work on from week to week and get to practice your new way of thinking to make it a habit in your life. Joy helped me to see a different perspective on my circumstances which helped me to find the good in them and not dwell on the negative emotions. Instead, I was able to look for solutions which Joy gave me the confidence to pursue.

M. M., Maple Grove, MN