Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling:

Solution-focused, cognitive therapy is a time-effective, cost-efficient approach to individual counseling widely used for many personal problems. Research supports that cognitive therapy is often listed as a treatment-of-choice for depression, anxiety, fear, trauma, prolonged sadness and stress management just to name a few. Solution-focused, cognitive therapy can help you regain the sense of control in your life, offer insight for managing difficult emotions and provide new ways of approaching old or persistent problems.

Solution-focused, cognitive therapy will effectively help you:

  • gain insight into how you can become ‘your own worst enemy.’
  • provide understanding on why you can’t always ‘make yourself’ or ‘will yourself’ better.
  • reveal hidden core beliefs that can cause repeated problems in your life.
  • utilize strengths you already have and apply them to current situations.

Solution-focused, cognitive therapy understands that:

  • the way we interpret events determines how we act or feel.
  • feelings are important indicators that something is wrong.
  • we are not victims of our past, that life can be different!
  • paralysis occurs because we ask the same questions and recycle our thinking.
  • with understanding, we can act our way into new ways of thinking and feeling.
  • medication can complement talk-therapy but isn’t the only answer.

What can I expect from my individual counseling sessions?

  • respectful, collaborative, engaged conversations that provide direct feedback.
  • common-sense, professionally sound principles that you can use now.
  • a safe place for you to gain distance from your problems.
  • questions and perspective that get you thinking outside the box.
  • encouragement and support that validates or reframes emotions.
  • insight leading to action toward the dreams you have defined and goals you have chosen.

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