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We offer professional counseling/coaching services including: marriage and couples counseling, individual counseling, and life coaching. We specialize in working with adults dealing with relationship and life impacting issues using a process that is respectful, collaborative, and solution-focused. We look forward to hearing from you with any questions you may have - at no obligation to you.


  • Marriage Counseling / Couples Counseling
    Marriage Counseling / Couples Counseling: These are our goals for MarriageRenew® – the hope and reality of beginning again, restored, revived, replenished, youthful, strong and long-lasting – “as if new again.” re•new [ri-noo, -nyoo] – verb to begin or take up again. to make effective for an additional period. to restore or replenish. to revive; reestablish (youth, strength, etc.). to make new or as if new again. MarriageRenew® is not just another counseling, coaching, or therapy model for relationships. Currently there are a number of effective and successful models available – each based on solid clinical research. However, in our years of working with couples we have not found any one model that meets all the unique needs of couples or individuals. As a result, our focus with MarriageRenew® is to accurately and effectively assess a couples’ needs – based on their desired goals and dreams, both as a couple…
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  • Individual Counseling
    Individual Counseling: Solution-focused, cognitive therapy is a time-effective, cost-efficient approach to individual counseling widely used for many personal problems. Research supports that cognitive therapy is often listed as a treatment-of-choice for depression, anxiety, fear, trauma, prolonged sadness and stress management just to name a few. Solution-focused, cognitive therapy can help you regain the sense of control in your life, offer insight for managing difficult emotions and provide new ways of approaching old or persistent problems. Solution-focused, cognitive therapy will effectively help you: gain insight into how you can become ‘your own worst enemy.’ provide understanding on why you can’t always ‘make yourself’ or ‘will yourself’ better. reveal hidden core beliefs that can cause repeated problems in your life. utilize strengths you already have and apply them to current situations. Solution-focused, cognitive therapy understands that: the way we interpret events determines how we act or feel. feelings are important indicators that…
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  • Discernment Counseling for Couples
    Discernment Counseling for Couples: Discernment counseling is a targeted approach for “mixed agenda” couples where one partner desires reconciliation and renewal of the relationship, while the other partner has expressed consideration of ending it. Currently a focus of research at the University of Minnesota, Discernment Counseling acknowledges that couples who have different motivations, yet are faced with a crisis or decision point, may actually be hampered through methods of traditional marriage counseling. As a result, Discernment Counseling targets specific objectives and helps a couple: come to a better understanding of what has happened to their marriage. understand both partners’ view of their problems. evaluate whether past counseling has been helpful or possibly detrimental. explore options about possible next steps to take in their relationship. evaluate the possibility of solving their problems and staying married. make an informed and mutual decision about whether or not to move towards divorce. What can…
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  • Prepare for Marriage
    Prepare for Marriage: One study shows that couples can improve their chances of staying married by 30% or more in the first years of marriage by taking this important step. Pre-marriage counseling makes sense! A timeless gift to give someone you love. Our Pre-marriage Counseling process: You contact us at no obligation and, after explaining the process, we will send you and your fiancé login instructions for the PREPARE inventory (by Life Innovations) and the self scoring Keirsey Personality Inventory to complete in the comfort of your home or apartment. These will take about 45 minutes to complete. Once you have completed the PREPARE and Keirsey inventories, we will contact you to set up an appointment(s). We then meet to provide you with practical comments, feedback and instruction, specific to the answers you have provided - information you can use to gain confidence and clarity as you plan for this…
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  • Life Coaching
    Life Coaching: Life Coaching is about understanding our “sense-of-self” – it’s not just vision planning and goal-setting – it’s about understanding what has shaped us and our patterns of thought so that we can make better decisions and realize the goals and dreams we have for ourselves and those we lead. Those who desire a Life Coach: admit they are tired of being on the treadmill of their own thinking. are determined to maximize their ability to see the whole problem. pursue needed distance to uncover new solutions by asking new questions. recognize the value of absolute privacy and detached objectivity of coaching. acknowledge their own growth as organizational leverage for change. seek expertise and guidance from a professional familiar with how systems work. Life Coaching: encourages you to focus on what you want, why you want it, and how you can get it. provides a path and plan to…
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